2011 Articles

  1. Amazon “HTML5” and ebook formats

    Amazon just announced Kindle Format 8, supporting HTML5 and CSS3! Yay! But closer inspection reveals they’re only supporting the marketing version of “HTML5” and “CSS3”. Boo! Won’t someone just give us the web stack for ebooks already?

  2. Don’t use IDs in CSS selectors?

    Is CSS Lint’s “Don’t use IDs in selectors” suggestion just crazy talk? While some are using this suggestion’s supposed ‘obviously bad’-ness as a reason to reject CSS Lint out of hand, it’s more valuable to actually examine the why behind this suggestion. The reasons may surprise you…

  3. Blockquote problems and solutions

    Wherein I cover current uses of block quote metadata that are unsupported by <blockquote>, and consider potential improvements to the situation.

  4. oli.jp style guide

    My style guide for this site, for your edification and copy-and-paste pleasure.

  5. CSS3 Flexbox vs A Princess Bride

    A look at the current CSS3 Flexible Box Layout Module, containing lots of information you don’t want to hear, but with extensive reference to the movie A Princess Bride.