Type Matters & HTML5 Tech Talk @Fukuoka

Here are some upcoming free events I’m involved with:

Type Matters — John Boardley

Type Matters—John Boardley, Apple Ginza, 2010-5-19

International typographic man of mystery and good friend John Boardley will be leaving his island volcano lair to share his passion. The Web Directions East Express 9 event is at Apple Ginza, May 19th 7-8pm. It’s free, but only a few spots remain — reserve yours while you can at atnd.org.

HTML5 Tech Talk event in Fukuoka

HTML5 Tech Talk Fukuoka, 2010-4-24

I’m honored to have been invited to speak at the free HTML5 Tech Talk @Fukuoka, on April 24th (← reserve here). The event will feature most of the HTML5 Tokyo crew, plus a secret international guest! In fact there’s so much HTML5 talent it looks like I’ll be speaking on CSS3 instead :-D It’s my first time to visit Kyūshū too! Excited!

Oh, did I mention these events are free? :D